FaceStation 2

The FaceStation 2 is the next generation of the FaceStation. It boasts an incredibly fast and accurate matching speed and captures both static and dynamic templates, giving it the ability to constantly evolve and sustain a more exact understanding of the daily changing expressions of the face.

FaceStation 2 launches at ISC West 2017 and BioConnect is now accepting pre-orders.



The FaceStaton 2 revolves around its ability to be versatile; from its ability to support multi-class options (HID Seos, iClass/ Prox), to its adjustable wall mount bracket to support different heights. The FaceStation 2 also supports WiFi and Bluetoothto educe the cost of pulling cable to the device.


FaceStation 2 quad core processor enables lightning fast recognition. It also boasts a 3x larger user capacity for 1:N than FaceStation 1 (3000 1:N vs 1000 1:N), and better performance in indirect sunlight (up to 25,000 lux).


Contactless authentication is the biggest usability feature of the FaceStation 2. It also offers an Android OS meaning a simpler UI and better UX.

Previous FaceStation 1 users will notice faster, easier more accurate enrolment reduced to 3 easy steps.